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Aliisa Leynon is one of the biggest names for Aston Villa and is at the top of her game. But how well do you really know the Swiss striker? Here are 10 things you didn’t know about A lisa Leynon. One, her cousin introduced her to football. Everybody needs someone to sew them the ropes. For A lisa, the person who introduced her to football and made her want to play was her cousin. They used to do everything together when they were young and she started playing football with him when they were just six years old. They grew up together and she still considers him to be her best friend. Aston Villa can thank her cousin for helping produce one of the best young players that they have. Two, she was on TV. She was featured on the series Britain’s Youngest Football Boss. The show followed Jack Sullivan, son of millionaire David Sullivan, who owns the West Ham Football Club. Jack is given the job of running West Ham’s women team and trying to lead them to success. In the fourth episode, Elyse Lejman is featured. She even led them into her home where she was living with the then girlfriend Ramona Bachman.

Bachman is also from Switzerland and at the time of filming, she played for Chelsea. But since 2020, she has played for Paris Saint Germain. She is one of the most highly rated women’s player in the world and also plays on the national team with Elicia. That’s where they met each other and headed off straight away. Elicia said that when she was younger, Bachman was her idol. Imagine playing with their idol and then dating them. In the TV show, they said that one of the big positives of the relationship was understanding what each other is going through. They both have to dedicate a lot of time and energy to football and don’t have normal working schedule. Three, she used to play for West Ham. Before Alesa Leiman joined Aston Villa in 2021, she played for West Ham. She joined West Ham United Women in 2018. From the Swiss team BSC Young boy isfraun. In her first season, she scored nine goals and was nominated for the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year Award. She also helped West Ham reach the Africa Final in 2019. She then briefly went to Everton on loan for less than a year.

When she joined Everton, she said that she was happy to be part of a team where she could bring her experience and help some of the younger players. The team was very welcoming to her and she made friends straight away. Then by the time she signed with Aston Villa, she had already played in England for three years and said that the standard had improved drastically. When she first arrived, there were only a few dominant clubs, but now each team is becoming more professional and investing more resources. She’s only 23, but she said that traveling away from home to play professionally has helped her mature quickly. She said that she was excited to join a new club, to meet a new fan base, and he was hoping that she could be able to score the goals that the clubs are looking for. He has had 17 games since joining the club and has scored four goals for the team. I mean, that’s not a bad start by any means. Four, he had 7.6 million Instagram and 5.7 million TikTok followers. Lemon has a big following on social media. On TikTok, she has 5.7 million followers and on Instagram, she has a massive 7.6 million.

She mainly posts pictures of her playing football, traveling and shopping. But she also uses her fame to post advertisements to earn some extra income. Some estimates show that she could be earning up to $22,000 for each Instagram post. That’s not a bad amount for uploading a photo. This social media platform has helped her to boost her net worth to up to one and a half million dollars. Her Instagram is @AliSA Leynan7, if you want to go and follow it. There you can stay up to date with everything AliSA Leynan. Five, she impressed during an under 19’s championship. You might wonder how a young girl from Switzerland ends up being signed by an English team like West Ham. Well, for Leynan, the offer came to her. She was signed from BAC YP Frawing after she had a brilliant performance in the EUFA 2018 Women’s Under 19 Championship. The tournament was held in Switzerland and Leynan was playing for the national team. She played in three games and scored twice. This was enough to impress the manager of West Ham’s women’s team, Karen Ray, who said that she was an exciting and talented player and had faith in her being the next big thing.

That’s one reason to always do your best. You never know who’s watching. Six, she has a pregame ritual. So many sports stars have rituals and superstitions. When there is so much pressure to perform, you’ll take what you can get. Some of these rituals are much weirder than others. Luckily for Lisa, hers is pretty simple, but she needs to do it before each and every game. She steps onto the pitch with her left foot first. She has said that she doesn’t really know how she does it, but she started doing it a few years ago and now can’t stop. 7. She’s bisexual. Normally, a footballer’s sexuality is none of our business, but Leymann is open and proud about it. She has date with men and women and is one of many professional women’s footballers who have publicly talked about their sexuality. During the series Britain’s Youngest Football Boss, Elyse was on with her girlfriend, Ramona Bachman. They even had to play against each other on different teams. For 90 minutes, they had to put aside the relationship to try their hardest to beat each other. Ramona scored two goals in the second half to win the match for them.

Sadly, they broke up last year. Ramona wrote on her Instagram that they decided to go their separate ways, but that they had three fantastic years together. Hopefully, it wasn’t because of the match’s result, but she has moved on to another football player. She’s now dating Aston Villa’s midfielder Douglas Lewis. Lewis is only 23 years old, but he’s a hot property in football. He has already played for Manchester City at Girona before traveling to Aston Villa in 2019. He has also been called up to play for the Brazilian national team nine times already. Their kids will have football in their jeans. 8. Why she left West Ham. Leymann has said that she left West Ham because she felt like she wasn’t able to grow in football and in her life. West Ham were not providing her with the big opportunity that she felt she was ready for. So in 2021, she was signed to Everton on loan. She was part of a series of high profile signing for the club as Everton were getting serious about winning the title. Leynon was excited about joining all of the other big players and trying to make an impact.

But she didn’t last long at Everton. And after just eight matches, she signed a new contract with Aston Villa. Nine, her hero is Lerra Dickenmann. Growing up in Switzerland, there wasn’t a big number of women footballers for Alissa to look up to. But the few who played at the highest levels were trial Blazers. Leynon’s favorite player was Lerra Dickenmann. Dickenmann has played for the New Jersey Wildcats, FC Zurich, Leon, and VFL Wiltsburg in her career, and has played for the Swiss national teams over 100 times and scored 53 goals. That’s impressive, especially because she’s a defensive midfielder. Alysa Leynman has said that Dickenmann was a role model to her and helped inspire her to be a football player. And she hopes that she can inspire a new generation of girls to play football too. Le Mans still considers Dikem an one of the greatest players of all time. And luckily for her, Dikem an is not retired yet. Now she gets to play alongside her on the Switzerland’s national team. Playing alongside your childhood hero, it doesn’t get much better than that. 10. She thinks Alexia Patellis is the best player in the world. Le Mans has a lot of respect for Barcelona winger Alexia Patellis.

She said that she thinks the Catalan player is probably the best women’s player in the world right now in an interview with FIFA. Patellis was born and bred in Barcelona and often visited the legendary Camp Nune to watch the men’s team play. And it wasn’t long before she started playing for Barcelona too, at just 18 years of age. She has gone on to be one of the most talented women’s football players of all time. She had scored 167 goals for the club and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Let’s just hope for Le Mans that she doesn’t have to face Portellus in the Champions League because let’s face it, it’s always hard to play with your idol. Now, hey, we’re pretty sure you must be wondering who is Alexia Patelus. That’s why I think next you should watch our video on 10 things you didn’t know about Alexia Patelus. Thank you so much for making it to the end of this video and I will catch you in the next one.

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