Hello, our dear football lovers. The Inside Football channel is online. Today we are to talk about someone we haven’t mentioned before. But first, let’s show you a couple of pictures. Intrigued? Well, we will not wear you guys for a long time waiting. Do you recognize this beautiful woman? Do you think she’s some top footballer’s wife? Perhaps one of the La Lika or the Premier League representatives got a neat girlfriend? No, no, no. This lady is a great athlete herself, with her dribbling better than many male footballers may think. Her name is Anna Markovitch, and many fans consider her to be the most beautiful number one game player in Europe. Besides, she’s also predicted to have a great future in sports because not only beauty is among her advantages. Yeah, right. Women’s football is less popular than men’s, but more than half a million fans follow Anna’s life and successes. Have you paid attention to women’s football before? Perhaps you have heard of some famous female football players, Marta, Alex Morgan, Laiky Martens? Write about your picks in the comments below. As for today, we are eager to tell you a story of this gorgeous and very talented girl.

Also showing her stunning skills. Anna totally deserves a few minutes of your attention, we promise. Before we start, we remind you that you can subscribe to our initiative so as not to miss our latest videos. What we are going to tell you will not be told on other channels. Have you already pressed the subscribe button? Okay, let’s get going then. Anna Markovic is from Kreosia. Her full name is Anna Maria Markovic. Born and split on November ninth, 1999, now Maria is 22 years old. She’s got a football career ahead. Until the age of 12, Anna lived with her family in her native country. And then they moved to Switzerland, where the young lady thought of a career in sports. Moving to a new country was not so easy for Anna. My path to get to where I am today was quite long and hard. The change from Malaysia to Switzerland was not easy at all. Although, of course, the fact that Switzerland is so welcoming and so beautiful made everything a little easier. She shared in an interview. Having moved to another country, Anna did not forget about her home land. She has not forgotten her native language and still considers creation culture important for herself.

I learned the language well. I think the fact of what I mentioned above helped me a lot. Kroatia is always in my heart, Markovitch noted. She visits her home land from time to time. For example, take a look at recent pictures of her and one of Zagrebs queers posted on Instagram page. Anna began playing football on a professional level only at the age of 14. But this did not stop her from becoming a pro. Her entire childhood was spent in the city of Zurich, where Maria also started her football path. Quite a while later, local coaches saw in her a talented performer capable of a proper handling of the ball, even if she didn’t train from the age of five or six, as boys do now at the Top Glove’s academies. Why did Anna decide to start playing football, of all sports? In many ways, it was her idol who instilled a massive influence. Guess who it can be? Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo. I started playing because of the motivation I felt when I saw that women’s football was growing more and more. Also because of the motivation generated by watching some men’s football matches, especially when Cristiano Anato was playing, obviously, Anna recalled.


At first, Anna represented little known amateur clubs and took the number one game as hobby. Though, thanks to the support of her relatives and friends, she began to improve her skills and realized that she was actually doing very well at it. On the pitch, Maria is responsible for forwards duties, just like CR7. I was always a forward. It was what I liked the most, scoring goals, Markovitch says. By the way, at the club, she wears the sacred number 7. We assume that the young lady took this number in honor of her idol. In 2017, Markovitch made her debut for Zurich in the adults with football championship among women’s teams. Interestingly enough, she was not even 18 years old back then. In 2019, Anna moved to grasshopper women’s football club, also a club from the Swiss League. She continues to play for the Hoppers up to this day. And last year, she even received her first call up to the creation national team. We’ve already mentioned that Anna’s favorite player is Cristiano Hidalgo. In her interviews, she always goes into detail why her heart chose Cristiano, why he’s the best sportsman on the planet. My favorite player is undoubtedly Cristiano Ronaldo, and he will always be.


What he did and continues to do throughout his football career is impressive and incomparable. I consider him the best in the entire history of football. Ms. Markovic said, Anna also separately notes her favorite footballer from her country. In the national team of Croatia, she really likes Luka Madrich. Bellendor winner, World Cup Vice Champion, five time Champions League winner, midfielder with great passing and vision of the pitch. Not a bad choice, Anna. Respect only. Anna could have been involved in the games for the national team of Switzerland, but the creation Federation was faster to react and contact her. According to Markovitch, she gladly accepted the offer, beginning an international journey for the side of her native country. I already had Canadian citizenship and the national team staff contacted me. They told me that I had the opportunity to play for the creation national team and I did not hesitate for a moment. It was something that filled me with pride and a lot of motivation. I chose croatia because I was born there, because I belong where I’m from and it will always be that way. That was Anna’s comment on choosing the national team. Here we have prepared a small selection of Anna’s skills so that you understand she is not only a pretty face for the media, but also a talented footballer.

In this clip, Anna very accurately crossed the ball from the right flank right on the head of her teammate, thus delivering an assist. Anna knows how to properly press and snatch attack and chances in a style. Look how fearlessly she rushed to the ball, took it away from her opponent and ran to score a brilliant goal. Get a pass, pass the defenders and get the job done. That’s what pure forwards do. And Anna is definitely a forward of such kind. Always and everywhere, one needs to watch opponents for mistakes, and Anna does just the thing. Then, as luck would have it, Anna shows mercy to some goalkeepers. Surprisingly, but in the heat of the tackles on the football pitch, Maria looks simply amazing. That’s what we call stunning beauty, right? The creation national team kit really suits her well. My goals, always year after year is to be able to compete to win the league and all the trophies that are within her reach. The same with Kraisia. Always being able to give my best both for my club and for my national team and thus be able to win collective titles, which are the ones I give the most importance to.

Markovitch states, So how do you like the most beautiful female footballer in Europe? Surprised by her talent? If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give us a like. This way you will know what you would like to see here. And maybe we can gradually introduce you two more women’s football stars who have won the hearts of millions of fans. And of course, we couldn’t leave you without the best photos of Anna, which we selected from her Instagram account. Well, it was Inside Football. We watch football from a different angle. Have a nice one and see you in a bit.

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