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You. First of all, I would want to thank BFI for having us here and all the audience in London who’ve seen the movie and who’ve been pouring all the comments and the compliments and who’s been supporting Bahu Valley. Thank you very much. Yes, actually, it would start from where we trump director Raj Maui. This would be my second movie project with him.

I worked with him in the beginning of my career, my fourth film back in 2006. And actually everyone knows of it and a great director to work with. And every actor would want to work with him. And when I heard the story of Bahubli, the first time I heard the story of Bahubli, the story itself was the kind of emotions it brought out in me. The characterization of each and every character, the way it was written, the small details, was something which I was blown away with, the story itself.

And then came the second part where we had to translate all of it from being a story to on screen. And we have  the best of technicians. Actually, all the technicians, whether it’s the cinematographer, Sentil Sabusaril, all the other technicians are the best we have in the country. One of the best. So that’s where the whole journey started.

And then, of course, Bahabali, the beginning, that’s when we released the beginning, it was something that we went in. All of us were a little nervous because we wanted to see what the response would be because the scale was so big. But we knew that this is a story we wanted to tell. And the beginning did go off very well. So that was quite a boost for all of us.

And then came the conclusion and the kind of response that we are receiving from all of them is quite overwhelming. And coming to my character, I would say one would be one of the best character I’ve ever said in a few years in the industry now, because what I would maybe have played in five to six movies, I’ve got to play it in one. Playing the romantic lead, then you play the wife, then you play the mother. There’s quite a variation and so many shades to the character, like the kind of shades what you would see in a women’s life normally. And I would say this one project that I’ve worked on when each and every character that I speak about is each and every character is so strongly edged for that, one of my favorite characters would be Amrandra Bahabuli and Shivagami.

So very, very strongly written characters and some great performances by Prabhas and Ramakrishnangar and actually everyone, nazir, Satyrajkar, all of them.

Speaker 1: The challenging birth when we started part one to get it right with playing the mother, because there’s Amrin Bahubali and there’s Mahindra Bahabili, who is a son and playing the romantic lead and playing the mother at the same time to the same person that’s maybe something that I could not visualize. I was like a little nervous about that. But I would want to thank my makeup team. It is Naidu Garufra’s team from Bombay. And the rest of the makeup, hair and the stylists, Prashanti and Raj.

Moli garu Ramaraj Mali. So when we got the look first, got the look right, I think that was something where it was a little more at ease. And then again, I feel half your journey effort is half the journey is done when you have such a great characterization. And Raj Malikaru have worked with him before, director Raj Mali and he knows my pluses and minus. I’m totally a director’s actor.

So working with him, him knowing my plus and minus, he always someone who guides you so well. So once all that was said, there was so much of confidence in playing that character. And I think the confidence of playing the mother definitely was because it was him as the director.


Speaker 1: Prabhas has been a very, very good friend for quite a few years, from when I came into the industry till now. And we’ve worked on different projects already, some real good projects. So working with Prabhas, working with Rana and then Tamana, Ramay, Krishnakara, all of them, each and every person who was part of the star cast or whether the cinematographer Sentil we’ve worked together before and I’ve worked with Rajmalika. And it’s not only that, it was just not working on such a great script. I feel it is also each and every member in that family.

Speaker 1: And all those people who worked on this project have also been people who have been very dear to me in these few years of my BME being in the film industry. So when you work with people who are so close to your heart and you’re working on a story which is such a beautiful story, such an intense story on such a scale, I think very rarely do you ever get a combination like that. Sometimes maybe you’ll just do some great scripts and it may be outright professional just doing it. And if you get done, I think that’s why this would be so special to me. It’s the people that I’ve worked with since they’re so dear to me, the story being so dear to me and the response which we’ve been receiving from the audience all over the world today, I think that’s overall, it just sums up and something which will always be dear to me for the rest of my life.

Speaker 1: The basic feeling would be something each and everyone would relate to. It’s very simple emotion. It’s between two brothers, then it’s between the mother and her sons. Then it’s between a wife and a husband. Again, a mother and her son.

Speaker 1: It’s nothing too complicated, but it’s something which each one of us go through. But all this is shown in a bigger scale. It’s just been shown larger than life. But it’s something that everyone can relate to, lots of it. And there’s so much of intensity, there’s so much of pain.

Speaker 1: And I think it’s a story. It’s the emotions that the drama, which is then this script that holds part two so high. See, today this is back in 2006 when I first worked with him. And then I’m so glad that today Bahubali is such a big platform and we know the whole globally, everyone’s seeing SS Raj Mali Director SS Raj Mali and they can see him for who he is.

Speaker 1: Starting from my first project that I worked with him, he’s someone who always looks forward to outbeat himself, someone who’s because when we were shooting for the film, it’s not only about direction. He’s someone who engages in all the crafts, who’s the amount of hard work, the amount of effort that he puts into every screen, every shot, it’s all about thinking about a story that would touch hearts and then taking that story and trying to be as genuine as possible to it. It’s a genuine effort. From his side, you can see that he genuinely wants to say a beautiful story to people out there. And he’s someone who truly believes that stories don’t have geographical barriers.

Speaker 1: He’s always said, and now he’s proven that a good story reaches hearts all over the world. And I think that’s what and at every step, he’s not someone who is satisfied, who just sits back and say, I’ve done something great. He’s always looking for something to inspire himself and inspire everyone that he is working with. And a great teacher. He’s a great teacher for everyone who works under him.

Speaker 1: He’s a very patient, a great teacher to work under. I would think that always think big, always to outbeat yourself at no moment, that you just sit back and feel satisfied. And movies are a medium where you’re telling stories and there’s no limits for stories. That’s something I think everyone in every part of the world. One thing that we all share in common is beautiful stories that we grow up listening to, which might be from different cultures, but we have stories and emotions, which are the most common thing everywhere, no geographical barriers.

Speaker 1: And that’s something that I’ve seen, that you tell a story genuinely, it’s for an act also. We just take a vision. We take a story and translate it on screen. I feel it’s the most important thing is to be extremely genuine to what you’re putting in in front of the camera. That’s something I’ve I used to believe in that, but then working under him again and again, that’s something that’s just embedded in me.

Speaker 1: After that, it’s a team. Actually, when we are working on the project, we all just running to get it done, to finish the project. All of us are running around to get it done. But now, since it’s over, now it’s on the screens. The response is overwhelming.

Speaker 1: Sitting back, I just feel the whole team today, we are, all of us, the cast is here. You have the director, you have the music director, you have the producer, all of us. But there’s so many people out there who work so hard on it. It’s the whole entire crew. You have the 24 crafts, you have the entire crew, a lot of people who worked on it.

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