DIY Chain Protector – DIY Bike Chain Guard Fix

I’ve had this bike for a couple of weeks now and done about 400 km on it on the commute to work and what you’ll notice is on the chain frame here and we can see that it started to get some marks on. Now this is when as you ride along the chain here, if we go over somewhere bumpy moves around and hits the frame. Now obviously that’s caused a little bit of damage here.

Now you can get these kind of chain guards from lots of different places and they kind of like velcro around and they kind of protect the frame from getting marked here. However, the problem I have got is that I’ve got a lot of cables running along here and also because it’s an Ebike, obviously we’ve got the kind of wire which goes into the motor at the back of the bike. So that kind of is having an issue with these Velcro frames because it’s quite wired. So what I’ve done to try out is kind of a do it yourself kind of piece of vinyl which basically I’ve cut it out here as you can see, got the same color so it won’t short as much. And basically what I’m going to do is I’m just going to place this over there just for a little bit of extra protection.

So we’ll do that now and just see how that works.

Get it over where all the marks are and the hardest thing here is actually going to be to get it nice and kind of without any bubbles in because the frame obviously isn’t exactly round. It kind of goes in a little bit but what I’m going to do is just place that over the top there and there you go.

So hopefully that’s going to help protect it a little bit. I’ll see how it goes actually over the next few weeks, see if it’s protecting it well enough. I mean, of course the other things we can do is we can use tapes and things like that. So this isn’t exactly the thickest material, but it’s what I add at home. And I’m sure there’s a few people going to have this kind of stuff lying around.

And like I say, all you need to do is cut it out to the size that you need and then basically just get it on the frame and then just kind of stick it down. Try and get it nice and smooth so there’s no bubbles in it and it looks pretty good.

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