Easy way to clean the cassette on your bike

Today, I just want to do a really quick on how I found the best way to clean the cassette on the back of my bike. Now, as I found riding along, we build up dirt, grime in the cassette, and over time that’s going to wear it down and not make it last as long. Now, of course, you can buy brushes and chain cleaners and lots of different things to help get rid of this dirt. But the best way I found is to use an earbud to use between the cogs in the cassette to really get rid of that dirt and grime. The earbud actually fits really well in between the cogs here on the cassette.

So basically you put the earbud in between the cogs and just turn the chain and we can see that some dirt and grime is on the earbud there. And basically just keep on going up. So I’ve got seven speed on here, so I’ll just go in between the two. But you can see again, on the earbud, we’re getting quite a lot of dirt on that earbud. I will just mop it round and just keep going all the way through.

Get rid of all that dirt and obviously use the new earbud as you’re going along. Hopefully you found this video interesting and maybe you might even have a go at doing this yourself. See what you think. If you do have a go, please comment below and let me know how it worked for you.

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